Marjorie Newman, your UCP candidate for Edmonton-Glenora

A volunteer leader with strong roots in Edmonton

As a mother and wife, there is no greater gift that we can give our daughter than an Alberta with opportunities where she can achieve prosperity through hard work and sacrifice.  We are concerned that the NDP’s misguided policies are pushing jobs and opportunities out of the province and that families are being squeezed by their out-of-touch taxes.

I am a small business owner and understand how essential low taxes, less red tape, and government accountability are to creating the free enterprise environment that helps businesses succeed.

I have been very active in my community because I have always believed that volunteerism is an important way to keep our communities strong.  And I always teach my daughter and other young Albertans the importance of community service because it teaches them compassion and understanding and allows them to leave their mark on their communities.  I want to continue making a difference and bring my experiences to Jason Kenney’s diverse, talented, and skilled UCP team to renew the Alberta Advantage and make this province better for all of us.